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Fire Suppression Systems


Fire Suppression Systems

An effective Fire Suppression System must have an efficient means of early warning/detection, such as adequate smoke detection or VESDA air sampling.  On one point of detection being activated, the alarm sounders will be activated, when two points of detection have been activated, the gas or agent is released absorbing all heat and extinguishing any fire. ‘Prevention is better than a cure’ and Fire Suppression Systems are based on that principle.  Fire suppression allows for human intervention in preventing ignition or re-ignition, thereby saving the environments. 

Thamesgate design, supply and install a comprehensive range of Fire Suppression Systems including:

  • Inert Gas Suppression Systems – IG55 , Proinert & Inergen Gasses
  • Synthetic Gas Suppression Systems – FM200, Novec 1230 & Saphire Gasses
  • CO2 Suppression Systems
  • Hypoxic Air Suppression Systems
  • Water Mist Suppression Systems

Thamesgate systems are intelligent in design and have been installed to protect environments, ranging from Datacentres, Comms, Energy Storage and Generator Rooms as well as archive stores. Our Fire Suppression Systems operate efficiently to protect life and property, whilst minimising any risk of damage to the room or equipment.