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Generator Design & Installation


Generator Design & Installation

Often referred to as ‘back up generators’ or ‘emergency power systems’, Generators are used to provide replacement power when the National Grid supply fails. These power failures are far more common than ever before.

Thamesgate can supply and install gas or diesel powered generators and can be supplied with an external fuel tank that will usually allow them to run for up to 48 hours before refuelling.

A Standby Generator power back-up system is often installed as part of a power protection solution. Often critical power supplies will be protected by a UPS with a very short battery run time allowing the Generator to start and automatically placing the UPS back on charge and on standby mode.

A generator has to be ready to start up at any given time, winter or summer, rain or storm without any possibility of failure, to ensure you have some level of disaster prevention.

The generator will be cabled into the incoming supply distribution board via an AMF or ‘Automatic Mains Transfer Panel’ allowing the system to be energised automatically and monitored over any network internally and externally.