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Partitioning, Suspended Ceilings & Raised Access Flooring


Partitioning, Suspended Ceilings & Raised Access Flooring


The installation of Partitioning Systems is an effective way of dividing up larger areas to provide individual offices/working areas which can be built to be acoustically efficient, thereby providing privacy, or frameless glazing where a more aesthetically pleasing solution is required.

Thamesgate partitioning systems can be solid, part or fully glazed, and can also include integral blinds suitable for Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms. We can also install demountable systems which can be relocated at a later date.

Partitions can be designed and built with a 60 minute or 30 minute fire rating to comply with building regulations.

Partitioning to form divisions within Office Areas can be either full of part-glazed, solid and demountable for re-location should this be required at a later date.


Suspended Ceilings

A Suspended Ceiling will enhance the look and feel of your premises. The benefits are numerous, the products being fire rated, acoustically efficient and aesthetically pleasing. 

They require no maintenance and also provide the benefit of a void to facilitate the incorporation of recessed lighting, air conditioning and data cabling.

There are ceiling systems to suit all commercial environments whether it be Offices, Datacentres, Factories, and Hygienic Areas or Educational facilities.

Thamesgate can install exposed grid systems with an extensive choice of lay-in tiles, M/F Gypsum ceilings, which has a plasterboard finish to include skim or tape & jointing in preparation for decoration.  Metal ceiling tiles are particularly suitable for Medical & Catering facilities and numerous acoustic fibre tiles are available and suitable for educational establishments and various office application


Raised Access Flooring

Datacentre environments require the ability to accommodate a significant number of data cables, handle high temperatures and be adaptable for future technological and cooling progressions.

Thamesgate can supply and install raised access floor systems which addresses all of these demands, whilst remaining cost effective and enabling a flexible, secure and dependable situation.

There are a variety of anti-static finishes available for applications such as Datacenter’s, service corridors, office areas and Comms rooms.