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Power Factor Correction


Power Factor Correction Systems

Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems improve the input power factor of the mains power supply at a building incomer. Where the input power factor is less than 0.9, PFC systems can improve this to reduce energy costs and achieve a financial payback within months. The benefits of installing power factor correction continue provided that the capacitors are monitored, maintained and replaced when nearing their end of life. The benefits of installing power factor correction include:

  • Reduce or eliminate potential penalties in the form of high electricity bills
  • Optimise the performance of industrial plant machinery and systems
  • Lower power line and distribution transformer losses
  • Reduce voltage line drop

Current distortion and harmonics are generated into mains power supplies by non-linear loads including inverters, welding machines, saturated transformers, rectifiers and computer-type loads using Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). These types of power problem can cause problems for:

  • Rotating machinery: generate Eddy currents and consequent vibrations leading to a weakened mechanical structure, overheating and isolation damage.
  • Transformers: increase core and winding losses with potential for damage to the primary and secondary windings. The presence of a DC voltage or current can saturate the magnetic core of the transformer and increase the magnetizing current.
  • Capacitors: reduce life expectancy from overheating and exposure to higher voltages.

The Power Factor Correction systems installed by Thamesgate are designed and manufactured by Ortea for whom Thamesgate is the UK sales and service partner. We can design a PFCsystem to your specification or perform a site survey and power factor and harmonics analysis to identify the best system for your site.