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Voltage Optimisers


Voltage Optimisers

Thamesgate supplies a wide range of Voltage Optimisers with product solutions available for domestic, commercial, industrial and public sector applications. The company is the UK partner and distributor for Ortea SpA and their OptiPro range of energy saving voltage optimisers.

It is estimated that the process of Voltage Optimisation can help over 90% of all UK organisations reduce their energy costs by up to 20%. The savings from Voltage Optimisers are impressive and provide a shorter payback period (and impressive Net Present Value calculation) compared to other energy efficiency product solutions. The Voltage Optimisers supplied by Thamesgate are approved by the Carbon Trust for enhanced capital tax allowances. Thamesgate can also assist in the arrangement of purchase finance through its approved suppliers.

How Voltage Optimisers Work

Voltage optimisers reduce the mains power supply voltage present at a building incomer so that it matches the electrical voltage level required by equipment onsite. Once installed, a Thamesgate Voltage Optimiser will continually monitor the mains power supply voltage and automatically adjust this to suit the power demands on site. The process improves electrical usage efficiency and lower electrical running costs.

Thamesgate Voltage Optimisers also improve the power quality supplied to their connected loads. The reduce any mains present harmonics, improve Power Factor (pF) correction and provide a stable source of electrical power.